I first started doing photography five years ago after my dad passed away. After he died, I realized that I had almost no pictures of him, and even less of us together. So, I saved up my money and bought a camera so that I could take pictures of everyone else that I still had. I still don't have many pictures of him, but I keep them all put together and cherish the few that I do have.
Because of my experiences, I always stress the importance of having your picture taken. If you don't have updated pictures of your family, or if you're like me and just love having pictures, get a session! You'll never regret having more pictures of your family.

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have always been called a creative person. Even as a kid, I was always drawing, coming up with stories, or escaping to different worlds through reading. You could call me a major book nerd!


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My husband is absolutely my best friend and other half! We started dating when we were thirteen and fifteen, and he has always been the person who understood me most. He is a total extrovert, and I am not, so he's constantly pushing me to go outside my comfort zone!
We love when we have time to sit down and watch a comedian together because it's just our thing! We both love animals, but have decided our kids are close enough, so for now we don't have any! We also love getting to spend time together as a family, so we always try to do something fun with our kids on our off days!

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I have two daughters, Lena and Eloise! Lena is two and Eloise is just a baby (3 months old as I write this). Lena is so goofy, and is extroverted just like her dad. She will go to strangers with no problem, and talk their ear off! She loves coloring, stacking blocks, and has an obsession with rocks.
Eloise is just a baby, but I can already tell a clear difference between her and Lena! She's a cuddly baby and would nurse all day if she could! She's also pretty relaxed, which is something I noticed even when I was pregnant with her since she didn't kick much! Overall, I love these kiddos of mine!

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Brook was so amazing with our large, crazy family! The photos are beautiful! I highly recommend her!

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